What is Tantra? Isn’t it all about sex?

Well.. Tantra is everything between a lifestyle approach and a spiritual path – without any goals but increasing how happy and alive we feel, every day. Tantra teaches us how to find depth, fulfullment, joy and sacredness in all aspects of our lives – from our career to our sexuality to our relationships.

That sounds pretty amazing, right?

  • Self Love, Connection & Pleasure

    Tantra is all about Self Love

    For many of us – so not all – there is one person on earth that is particularly difficult to love, to accept, to feel compassion for, to see his or her true beauty.

    That person is, as you might have guessed, yourself!

    Tantra is all about Self Love. Feeling that you are ok. And much more! You are Amazing. Radiant. Sexy. Funny. Smart. Beautiful.

    The first and absolute essential step for living a connected, fulfulling life and to have intimate and meaningful relationships, is to accept and love yourself. Tantra teaches you how to become your own lover and best friend!

  • Tantra is about Connection

    Tantra is not simply about having sex. But Tantra will influence the way you see and experience sex, love and relationships. And the way you connect with yourself and the people close to you, is an absolute essential part of how happy you feel in life.

    Tantra is about Connection – that is probably the shortest summary. And true connection is essential for meaningful, intimate and healthy relationships: Relationship with yourself, with your sexuality, with your body and with others.

    Self Love, Connection & Pleasure
  • Self Love, Connection & Pleasure

    Pleasure is a great way

    We all long for sacredness & depth into our every day life. We want to feel connected to what is truly important and fullfilling to us. We long to experience and feel that we are alive.

    One of the great lessons I learned from Tantra, is that creating more sacredness and depth in your life, does not necessarily means hours of meditation and becoming a Buddhist nun or monk.

    Experiencing love, joy and pleasure connects you to the Divine and is a great way to feel connected to the essence of life! Being in nature, making love, dancing like no one is watching or giving a massage with all your presence are all forms of deep meditation, that connect you straight to the essence of life itself.

  • Let's start today!

    There are different ways to enter into this world of Tantra! You don't need to be an expert, you don't need to be a skilled yogi or meditation junkie. All you need is curiosity, openness and a little leap of faith...

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